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TRICONTINENTAL TECHNOLOGIES is a Nigerian owned company that commenced operations in 2011, whose main operation is to provide top notch and latest technology-solutions in our area of specialization such as Corrosion monitoring and management in the oil and gas, marine, FMCGs, printing, manufacturing and other industrial sectors.
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Tricontinental Technologies upon commencement looked into the following areas of providing solutions to engineering and manufacturing companies conventional surface preparation techniques like sand-blasting have serious health implications and environmentally hazardous due to large volume of dust generated and cannot be used in environments where sensitive electronic gadgets are kept.

Workmen in various industries are exposed to very harsh environments like fire, heat, insects/mosquitoes, electrified surfaces etc without adequate protection which made us introduce breakthrough technologies some of which include

SPONGE-JET (Sponge-Jet technology which is a low dust, environmentally friendly and versatile technique was introduced to solve this problem),

DALIC (Dalic technology which is a system of selective electrochemical metallizing  was introduced to deal with different types of corrosion involving metallic surfaces),

BISLEY (Bisley range of workwears was introduced to solve this problem by providing adequate protection for workmen in diverse harsh work environments),

ENECON, etc into the industry.

TRICONTINENTAL TECHNOLOGIES has seasoned and well-trained engineers and technicians who have undergone various local and international trainings in edge cutting technology solutions. Some were trained in France and Spain, while others were trained in the U.S.A.

TRICONTINENTAL TECHNOLOGIES is the sole representative for SPONGE JET, DALIC and BISLEY in Nigeria and has the distributorship as well as market territories in Ghana and other parts of West Africa for these breakthrough products.


Tricontinental Technologies is affiliated with both local and international partners. Apart from its up-to-date technical resources, Tricontinental Technologies has collaboration agreements with many top international engineering companies.
The synergy provided through the cooperation efforts with these esteemed partners has resulted in the TricontinentalTechnologies bench marking its operations in accordance with world class standards and best practice.