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Tricontinental Technologies is affiliated with both local and international partners. Apart from its up-to-date technical resources, Tricontinental Technologies has collaboration agreements with many top international engineering companies.

The synergy provided through the cooperation efforts with these esteemed partners has resulted in the TricontinentalTechnologies bench marking its operations in accordance with world class standards and best practice.
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Our Partners using solution perspective:

* Low-dust, environmentally friendly blasting and surface preparation technology- SPONGE-JET.

* Selective electrochemical metalizing of surfaces- DALIC.

* Industrial protective workwears- BISLEY.

* Specialized Coatings- ENECON.

* Fluid Treatment - ENEFLOW (Magnetic fluid cleaning- WATERBUDDY, Fuel consumption control- FUELBUDDY)


Our multifaceted approach to industry production solutions, make us the best response option for any non-specialized productionsuch as machinery component failures, damaged printing cylinders due to scratches and dents, heavily corroded Washer or any other hardware problem our customers may encounter.