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MARINE SERVICES (Vessel Supply, Sub-sea Installation and Support Operations Inspection and Maintenance through Diving and ROV Operations)
Tricontinental Oil Services Limited and its partners have an exceptional range of diving services available to the offshore industry in the oil and gas sectors and the key fact is our outstanding experience in compliance with International Standards DNV III ISO 9000 for the provision of sub-sea services. We are widely known as specialist in the provision of the following:-

Highly experienced personnel
Air and saturation diving services
Outstanding safety record

Our applications cover but are not limited to the following:-

Work in support of offshore drilling
ROV drill support
Rig positioning

Offshore construction
Jacket and platform setting
Pipe laid burial support

Infrastructure inspection
Platform and pipeline inspections
Depth and burial assessment survey
Inspection and maintenance


TOSL and her foreign partners have a full range and the largest fleet of Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) in their pool. The company has a great depth of ROV related knowledge and experience. The company’s fleet currently reflects the full range of modern and technologically advanced ROVs, equipped with a variety of features and developed to carry out a wide range of tasks, from simple visual surveys through to complex intervention and inspection operations. The vehicles applications include;-

* Construction support
* Drill rig support
* Multibeam and pipeline route surveys
* As-laid, as-trenched an as-built surveys
* Pipeline and structures inspection
* Wellhead and sub-sea tree intervention

Well completion and work over support
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TOSL can provide a complete team of highly qualified and trained expatriates and     local engineers to manage an entire project. TOSL can also provide combined team of engineers and technicians (local and expatriates) to manage any project.

Cost and scheduling engineering, provision of all job control and management reports. We provide detailed, definitive estimates for resource planning and control. Tricon can provide a complete team of highly qualified and trained expatriate and local experts to manage an entire project; a typical example is the Shell Contract we are presently executing on PQMS which is handled by wholly Nigerian professionals.