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HSE Objectives
_To uphold the pursuance of HSES safety awareness by all Tricon staff.  A bold step
has been taken to sustain HSES meetings and safety training of all level of workers and interchange of safety ideas and experiences that will uplift HSES awareness.

-To conduct our activities in such a manner that will reduce accidents and situations, which have potentials to cause injury to personnel and/or damage to equipment and materials.

-To suspend all activities identified as unhealthy, unsafe or environmentally destructive until acceptable solutions are found.
Tricontinental Oil Services Limited (TOSL) is a well established wholly Nigerian owned Company and a category A Company as per the Local Content categorization of services companies whose operations consistently exceed 90% (ninety percent) local content thereby exceeding the Federal Governments target of 45% and 70% respectively for years 2006 and 2010. Its area of business or core competence is Oil and Gas Services.

Tricontinental Oil Services Limited utilizes the latest technology available in computer science to provide our clients with necessary support.  We are constantly upgrading both our hardware and software applications as technology advances.
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