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Tricontinental Industrial Academy (TIA) is a leading provider of a wide range of premium, standard and customized training programs and career development services to the oil and gas, construction and engineering, manufacturing, power, finance, information technology, marine industries and government establishments.

TIA’s training and consultancy services are designed to meet the core skill requirements of our prospective clients. The training programs are aimed at developing and enhancing the skills of participants to make them more effective drivers of positive changes and improvements in their organisations, while simultaneously developing their technical and management skills.

Our Strength:

Tricontinental Industrial Academy faculty consists of a team of highly skilled experts with over two decades of premium industrial and academic experiences across various global locations.

TIA uses a variety of training and facilitation methods and techniques that enhance individual and group interaction while maximizing learning. We also have a world class training center equipped with unique and state of the art facilities including customized multimedia tools for interactive training using Computer Base Training (CBT) tools, Videos, and Animation Systems for better understanding and to enhance retention.

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Tricontinental Industrial Academy courses that are conducted by the academy are accredited, in association with world renowned educational and professional bodies.